23 de jan de 2015

[Kokoro no Hana – Heart’s Flower] Chapter 01 (English Version)

Chapter 01 - Nico Robin`s vision - To the rescue of Camie!

(Concomitant history with the editions 51 and 52, chapters 500 to 503)

Robin knew that the relationship between humans and fishmen was violent and filled with prejudice. But there, in Sabaody, she saw how the hatred  is spread and how cruel the world can be. The Devil Child has already been through a lot in her 20 years of escaping the marines. Had to survive with tyrants pirates, inhumane organizations, underworld crimes. Therefore, the history shows that any communication with humans and fishmen could create a huge fissure between the races. This, for Nico Robin, was much more extraordinary. This fascinated Robin in a way that she could predict an upcoming problem.

She explained to Nami about the danger that Camie and Hachi were when Franky showed up in desperation, using a flying fish as transportation. He brought a tragic announcement: Camie was captured and was going to be sold in the slave auction in Sabaody. Nami and Robin were in Grove 30, where the Shopping is located.

After knowing about the kidnap, Nami went quickly with Franky to the Grove 01 of the island and asked Robin to slow down, using a flying fish as well, to see if she could find Zoro on the way, after all, he was unreachable and surely lost. Therefore, Nami requested her to not focus on the swordsman, if she did not manage to find him, the meeting point was the auction. Robin went as fast as she could, but got there after the fateful punch of Luffy in the Tenryuubito Charlos. And Zoro was there, by chance, but he was.

Robin got there in a propitious moment, the guards protecting the area did not allow noblemans to suffer any agression, they were in rage, and wanted to stop the strawhat pirates. Before the seventh pirate from the crew arrives, the fight had already started. As she stepped in the auction, she was attacked by two guards. Her answer was simple: a second and two Clutchs.

But there was a pirate, more precisely, a supernova, that did not want to leave the fight happening in the auction. When he decided to move next to Luffy, Robin looked at him and...

She knew him. A 200 Million berries reward. Native from North Blue, Trafalgar Law, Surgeon of Death.

-           Luffy, I know him, he is a pirate!

Chapter 01.1 – Trafalgar Law’s Vision – The Storm is Coming
(Concomitant history with the editions 51 and 52, chapters 500 to 503)

Immediately the crew docked at Sabaody Archipelago. Everyone followed the captain, he had no interest in any of the free time attractions. Curiously, his first destination was the auction house under the flag of the person who was his life’s goal. They sat in the middle row of benches and observed the “bids” that were sold on that den.
There was no one else from the new generation, except for Eustass “Captain” Kidd and his crew. With a rude gesture he despised his presence and turned back to watch Disco’s eloquence, that freak show’s presenter.
All of a sudden, a bang. The crazy famous, Straw Hat Luffy had arrived there in his best – or worst – possible entrance, destroying the roof and shouting the mermaid’s name. An incident with a fishman had changed the perspective. Now the rookie had punched a Celestial Dragon’s face and it would certainly turn into a mess. “The D. will surely bring a storm again”, he thought. Other members of his crew arrived in order to help stopping the enemy, but naive, they didn’t realize the Marines had already positioned themselves outside.
- The Marines are already here, Mugiwara-ya – he told.
Luffy, all naive, asked who he was. Then the member known as the Devil Child turned to him and spoke: “You’re Trafalgar Law, isn’t it?”. Their eyes met, it was a moment of tension. But Law didn’t take out his typical superior smile from his face for any reason, even with an Admiral coming and a conflict between the three captains, just analyzed Robin’s words, probably the brain of the crew.
It was here when everything started. Or Not.

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